When does the Ottawa approach apply?

A Streetscape Character Analysis is required as part of new zoning rules for the following types of development:

  • When developing a new dwelling on a new infill lot or on an existing lot
  • When building an addition ONLY to the front, side, or corner of an existing residential use dwelling
  • To projects that require one or more of the following development approval processes:
    • Site plan control
    • Zoning by-law amendment
    • Consent to sever to the Committee of Adjustment
    • Minor variance to the Committee of Adjustment
    • Permission to expand legal non-conforming use, only if expansion includes alterations to the exterior of the dwelling that alters the front or corner side yard, the driveway, parking, or removing the front door from facing the street
    • Building Permit, for any development of, or additions to, a residential use building or part thereof that is visible from the street where no other development approval process is required,
    • Private Approach permit for a new, or the widening of a curb cut leading to a driveway or parking space from a public street

It does not apply to:

  • Mid-rise and High-rise Apartment Buildings, and also excludes that portion of a mid- or high-rise apartment building that may be four storeys or less
  • Internal changes to a dwelling that do not result in exterior changes that are visible from the street
  • Dwellings that front on a private way and not on a public street
  • Additions that do not abut or extend into the front yard or corner side yard
  • Accessory buildings, such as sheds but not garages, located in the rear yard
  • A lot in a Plan of Subdivision that faces a new public street

Source: City of Ottawa