City and Neighbourhood Plans

Hamilton Official Plan

This proposed infill development, situated on the primary corridor of Main Street West, aligns with the City’s Official Plan. The development contributes to the 40 percent infill target for Hamilton contained in the Province of Ontario’s Places to Grow Act.

Strathcona Secondary Plan

The property is designated “Mixed Use-Medium Density” in Section of the Strathcona Secondary Plan, within an area covered by Area Specific Policy B (see map below). The following uses are allowed on lands designated Mixed Use – Medium Density:

  • small scale offices, medical office, personal services, financial establishments, live-work units, artists studios;
  • institutional uses;
  • arts and cultural uses;
  • hotel;
  • multiple dwellings; and,
  • accessory uses.

Where a multiple dwelling is proposed, local commercial uses may also be permitted on the ground floor.

Adapted from the Strathcona Secondary Plan , Map B.6.6-1, *Development Site

Permitted Height

Under a Mixed Use-Medium Density designation, a minimum of 2 storeys is required and a maximum of 6 storeys is allowed. However, policies allow a height up to 10 storeys provided that:

  • Potential impacts have been mitigated on adjacent low density residential lands
  • Buildings are progressively stepped back from adjacent low-rise form of housing.
  • Buildings are stepped back from any street to minimize the height appearance from the public realm, where necessary.

To accommodate the proposed height, the design of the building will step back progressively from adjacent low-density properties and Main Street West. The building rises three storeys before stepping back for the subsequent 6 stories. The rear of the building rises two storeys before stepping back for the subsequent 6 stories. The tenth storey is stepped back again. Further, there is an existing three metre wide assumed alley immediately to the north of the property that assists in mitigating impacts on adjacent properties.

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