Parking and Traffic


The Strathcona Secondary Plan parking policies for Medium Density Mixed Use stipulate that:
  • Parking shall be provided at the rear or sides of buildings, underground and/or in above-grade structures, with access from public streets or laneways.
  • Above-grade parking structures shall be fronted at grade by residential or commercial uses where abutting a public street.
  • Parking shall not be located between a building and a public street.
The Main Margaret condominium development proposes parking at three levels: one level underground, one level at grade, and one level on the second storey. Consistent with the Strathcona Secondary Plan policies, above grade parking in the proposed development does not front onto Main Street and is accessible from Margaret Street. City of Hamilton Zoning Bylaw 6593 requires a ratio of 1.25 parking spaces per residential unit for multiple dwellings. The preliminary condominium design includes 95 parking spaces, of which 85 are reserved for the 101 residential units. This results in a ratio of 0.8 parking spaces per residential unit. In addition, eight spaces are reserved for the two commercial office uses, two spaces will be reserved for Hamilton CarShare, and the inclusion of secure bike parking is planned. Further, there is on-street parking on Main Street, outside of the rush hour period.

Traffic Impacts

Consistent with Strathcona Secondary Plan policies, the entrance and exit for vehicles on the site is planned for Margaret Street. In addition, a daylight triangle, measuring 34 square metres will be created at the corner of Margaret Street and Main Street West. This daylight triangle will improve the existing intersection, making it safer for vehicles to turn on and off of Margaret Street. parking While a traffic study may be required as part of the rezoning application, it is important to note that proposed changes to the transportation network contained in the Strathcona Transportation Management Plan EA can assist in reducing traffic impacts.

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