Parks and Heritage Landscape


The property is one block away from a large Community Park, Victoria Park (#6 on map below). The Hamilton Official Plan defines the role of Community Parks as serving more than one neighbourhood, but are not intended to serve the City as a whole. Community Parks have more intensive recreational facilities such as sports fields, recreational and community centres. This type of park serves as an excellent amenity close to the proposed development.

Adapted from the Strathcona Secondary Plan , Appendix B, *Development Site


From a heritage perspective, the property does not contain any buildings found on the City of Hamilton Inventory of Properties of Architectural and/or Historical Interest. However, due to the age of the existing buildings on the site, the City may wish to document them for heritage purposes. The property is adjacent to the New-Beasley Cultural Heritage Landscape in the Strathcona Secondary Plan, located on Strathcona Avenue South to the north-west of the property (see map above). The Secondary Plan requires that new development should respect and reflect the existing cultural heritage landscape and be compatible with surrounding development. The proposed development will achieve compatibility with the surrounding built heritage.


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