Transportation and Transit


The proposed development is located on Main Street West, designated a Major Arterial Road in the Strathcona Secondary Plan. In addition, the development site is accessible by a variety of transportation modes and is subject to the Strathcona Transportation Management Plan.

Adapted from the Strathcona Secondary Plan, Map B.6.6-2,*Development Site

Strathcona Transportation Management Plan

The Strathcona Transportation Management Plan outlines two street recommendations with specific relevance to the proposed development:

Main Street West - The Plan suggests the removal of one lane of traffic along Main Street West with the intension of widening the sidewalks between Strathcona Avenue South and Queen Street to approximately 2.5 metres. The Plan also suggests that there is an opportunity for a pilot study to take place. The north side of Main Street West, from Strathcona Avenue South to Queen Street, could have a barrier heavy enough to stop traffic which could delineate an additional pedestrian space and allow for a test of street narrowing prior to the implementation of the permanent solution.

Margaret Street - The recommended plan for this corridor is a narrowing of the existing lanes in order to widen sidewalks on both sides.

The property owners support the Strathcona Transportation Management Plan and how it applies to this development, specifically the Plan's emphasis on improving the pedestrian realm on Main Street West. The proposed removal of a lane on Main Street West between Dundurn Street South and Queen Street South to calm traffic and make the street more pedestrian-friendly is an important feature for residential and commercial development. The extra road space may be used to widen sidewalks, add on-street parking, bike lanes, and/or achieve beautification goals with planters or other features. The suggested pilot project between Strathcona and Queen Street is one way to test these proposed enhancements. This would improve the public realm adjacent to the development site, which would enhance the proposed development itself as a destination of choice for potential residents.

Transit and Alternative Transportation

Local Transit

The proposed development is located on Main Street West with some of the highest transit service in the city. Five transit routes travel along Main Street West, including:

  • Route 1 - King
  • Route 5 - Delaware
  • Route 51 - University
  • Route 10 - B-Line Express
  • Route 7 - Locke (East of Locke)

Regional Transit

The development property is situated on Main Street West, one block from King Street, roads that are serviced by regular GO buses with routes to the Aldershot GO Station, Downtown Toronto, and York University. These routes connect to the Hamilton GO Terminal with access to morning GO train service, and regional buses to adjacent municipalities.

Rapid Transit

The proposed development is in close proximity to the proposed King Street Rapid Transit Route. The City’s 2007 Transportation Master Plan delineates a higher order transportation “B-Line” rapid transit route along King Street from McMaster University to Eastgate Square. This rapid transit route is also included in Metrolinx 2008 regional transit plan The Big Move, where it is given priority for provincial investment along with the James Street “A-Line" which connects the city north-south from the waterfront to the airport.

The City’s 2013 “Rapid Ready” report requests funding from the Province of Ontario/Metrolinx for the establishment of the B-Line Light Rail Transit system along King Street. The report outlines initiatives the City will continue to undertake to prepare for the B-line rapid transit route, including increasing service-levels and improving rider amenities (e.g. covered stops) on the existing bus route. The report also calls for improved pedestrian and cycling linkages with transit (i.e., BikeShare program), particularly along planned higher order routes, and for bus-only lanes in order to introduce the concept of transit priority.

Pedestrian and Cycling Infrastructure

The area is within walkable distance to many local destinations, including downtown, Hess Village, and the popular shopping areas of Dundurn Plaza and Locke Street South. However, the wide one-way street makes it uncomfortable to walk along Main Street West. As noted above, implementation of the Strathcona Transportation Management Plan is necessary to improve walkability in front of the proposed development along Main Street.

Bike lanes planned in the City’s Shifting Gears Master Cycling Plan have largely been implemented in the area. Additionally, there are several CarShare and BikeShare locations nearby. Two CarShare spaces and secure bike parking will be included in the development.

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