sitemapsmall copy3A multi-use residential condominium development is proposed at Main and Margaret Streets, with commercial uses on the ground floor. As planners on the project, Civicplan believes it is critical that the community be informed as early in the development process as possible, providing ideas and sharing concerns. This website provides information as a first step in the public engagement process.

Where We Are

devprocess2The community development process involves many stages. We are currently in the preliminary consultation process. As part of this stage, Civicplan has already shared information about the project with the Strathcona Community Council, produced this website explaining the development proposal and planning process, and held an initial public meeting on April 7, 2015.

This input, along with advice from the City’s Development Review Committee and Design Review Panel will inform a formal Zoning Amendment Application that will provide an opportunity for more consultation.

What is Being Proposed

conceptThe proposed development is guided by the Strathcona Secondary (neighbourhood) Plan which is the most recent publicly approved vision for the neighbourhood. The proposal is for a ten storey multi-use residential condominium building at the corner of Main and Margaret Streets. Preliminary designs are for 101 residential units, two ground floor commercial office spaces, 95 parking spaces, two CarShare spaces, and secure bike parking. This preliminary conceptual rendering shows how this type of development could be accommodated on the site.

How Will the Development Fit into the Neighbourhood?

mainheightMulti-storey buildings can appear overwhelming. Design is the key to making a building fit into a neighbourhood and have more appropriate visual scale. In this case, the first 3 storeys are built up to the sidewalk, consistent with neighbouring buildings. The next six storeys step back from the street, with the tenth storey stepped back even further. At the rear of the development, the structure would rise two storeys before stepping back.

What will the building look like? The surrounding neighbourhood can give us inspiration: red brick, certain window styles all guide building design. This will be further informed by neighbourhood perspectives and the City's Design Review Panel.

How the Development Will Improve Main Street

The development location on Main Street West offers excellent accessibility and amenities including some of the best public transit service in Hamilton, walking distance to shopping on Dundurn and Locke, Victoria Park and downtown Hamilton. However, Main Street West is currently not very pedestrian friendly even though it is a primary city street running through the heart of two vibrant neighbourhoods. The development supports changes proposed in the community transportation plan for Main Street West, such as lane reductions and wider sidewalks, to make the area safer, more attractive, and vibrant, which benefits Strathcona and Kirkendall neighbourhoods on either side of Main Street West.

How the Development Will Help the City

For too many years, Hamilton has been growing out into farmland and natural areas, building more roads and pipes costing taxpayers more to maintain over time. Rebuilding appropriately within existing Hamilton neighbourhoods, especially along main travel corridors, revitalizes, reinforces and rebuilds our city. The Strathcona Secondary (neighbourhood) Plan, developed by the neighbourhood, follows this approach and the proposed development fits with the Secondary Plan.

Read The Details

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